online roulette Online roulette is a great way to experience the thrill of a land-based casino from the comfort of your own home and here at we are delighted to bring you our online roulette guide for Nigeria. We’re going to reveal all the secrets of how to win as well as expert tips and strategies to help you get more out of your game play. That’s not all you’ll find either, we have recommendations for the best online casinos
and bonuses for Nigeria for real money games on mobile and desktop. Roulette may be a game of chance but with our expert knowledge, we can help you to get more enjoyment and win more in 2018.

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Online Roulette Variations 

One of the great things about playing at online casinos for Nigeria is that you get to enjoy more varieties of roulette and there are plenty of variations to choose from. Some have unique rules, some have better odds, and they all allow you to win real money.

European Roulette 

European roulette has better odds than most version. This is because there is only one zero on the wheel. American roulette has an extra double zero. This makes playing the European version a better option if you want to decrease the house odds.

French Roulette 

This online variation also comes with a single zero on the wheel, but it also has two rules that have a knock-on effect on the outcomes of your wagers. The La Partage rules means that you only lose half your bet if the ball lands on zero when you’ve placed an outside bet. There is also the En Prison Rule which puts inside bets “in prison” whenever the ball lands on zero. This means that instead of getting half the bet back, it remains in place for the next spin. If you win on the next spin you get out of jail. If you lose, you forfeit your entire bet.

American Roulette 

This game is available in most casinos and is often considered the standard version. It features a double zero on the wheel which increases the house edge and brings down the odds of winning.

Mini Roulette 

This variation has a smaller roulette wheel where the numbers only go up up to 12 instead of 36. It also has a single zero. If the ball lands on the zero half your wager is returned. Other than that, it is played the same way as standard games.

Multi Ball Roulette 

In this online roulette game, up to 10 balls can be played at the same time. The number of balls being used will affect the odds and players can select and deselect the number of balls they want to us. The odds also increase because no two balls can land in the same space and this gives you more chances to win. Betting is done in the same way as the standard game.

Multi Wheel Roulette 

In this game, up to 8 wheels spin simultaneously and your wagers extend across all 8 wheels. You can reduce the number of wheels in play. The wheel has a single zero. Every wheel spins independently so you have 8 changes to win.

Live Dealer Roulette 

Live dealer games have become extremely popular with players from Nigeria and around the world. They allow you to experience the thrill of a land-based casino while remaining at home. The game is streamed to your computer and you get to watch the professional croupier spin the wheel and place your bets. You can also interact and chat with them.

Online Roulette Rules 

Roulette is by far one of the easiest games to learn. The game is controlled by the dealer who announces bets and outcomes. The action centers around a numbered spinning wheel and your goal is to guess where the ball will stop when the wheel is spun. The only thing that you have to concentrate on is where to place your bets.

For the standard American version, there are 38 numbered slots. These are 1 to 36 and a zero and double zero slot. The European version of the game has the same but with just one zero.

Players start by selecting their wager limit and then they click the numbers they want to bet on. Once this is done the wheel will spin. When the wheel comes to a stop all winning bets will be paid out.

Learning the different types of bets you can place is the hardest part. Players can bet on:

  • Single numbers
  • Odd or even
  • Red or blackjack
  • Columns or sections of numbers
  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets

How To Play Like a Professional: Best Online Roulette Tips 

There are several things that you can do, but our top 3 tips will help you to bet like a pro.

  1. Play Safe with the 50/50 Approach: Whether you are playing free practice games or for real money the 50/50 approach works. If you’re learning or your budget is low we recommend sticking to outside bets for small amounts. When your bankroll is flush and you understand the game more you can bet more. Variations in your game and bankroll management is crucial.
  2. Inside and Outside Bets: Professional roulette players have a good knowledge of how the game works and many choose only to play inside bets because they allow for more opportunities to win and higher payouts. Casual players and beginners should stick to the more balanced outside bets. These are odd/even and red/black. They have less risk involved, but they do pay less. Once you build your confidence you can choose inside bets that pay out more.
  3. Manage Your Bankroll: Don’t be impatient. Take your time and whatever you do, don’t chase your losses. Bet within your means and stick to your budget. Some days luck will be on your side and some days it won’t. Having a budget and sticking to it is the key to enjoying success.

How To Win – Best Roulette Strategies 

If you are planning to play online roulette for real money there are several strategies that you can use. Each of these will improve your chances of winning. Below we have the top three basic roulette strategies that players use.

The Martingale Strategy 

This is the most famous of all online roulette strategies. When using it, players are encouraged to double the value of their wager every time they lose. In theory, this ensures that you always recoup any losses when you do eventually win, but it can be costly. The Martingale strategy can only be used on wagers that have 50/50 odds so this is either black or red or odds and evens bets. Using this system can eat through your bankroll very quickly if you are on a losing streak, and there’s no guarantee that you will win.

The D’Alembert Strategy 

This strategy is considered a little safer than the Martingale. It is an even chance system and you can bet on the outcome of even and odd numbers, 1-18, 19-36, and black and red. In this system, you increase your wager by a denomination of 1 every time you loose. For example, if you place a $2 bet on black and you lose, your next wager will be $3. When you win you decrease your next bet by 1.

The Fibonacci Strategy 

This online roulette strategy is a little more complex and is based on a sequence of numbers. Each number in the sequence is generated by adding the previous two numbers together. The roulette system involves making bets that equal the total value of the last two bets combined. The idea behind this is that you still make a profit even if you lose more than you win. It is important to remember that the further along the sequence you go, the higher your bets will be, so you can lose a lot of money too.

Roulette Odds and Payouts 

The roulette odds and payouts are something that you need to know. The most common bet is the red/black or odd/even. This pays even money so you get back what you bet. If you bet $2 on red and it wins you get $2 plus your original bet so you get $4. Even money bets are good for long term profits.

If you want to win more, bets on single numbers pay out at 35/1.

The payout table will list all the odds and it is worth checking this before choosing the online roulette game you are going to play.

Online Roulette Glossary

American Roulette: A version of the game that features a zero and a double zero

Column Bet: a bet on one of the columns of numbers on the grid.

Corner Bet: betting on the corner of 4 numbers which covers each number for a smaller return than betting on the numbers separately.

Double Zero or 00: The house edge zero numbers in American Roulette.

En Prison Rule: A rule in French Roulette where the ball lands on zero and you have the option to lose half your bet or leave it there for the next spin.

European Roulette: A game with a single zero.

Five Number Bet: where you bet on zero, double zero, one, two, and three in the same game.

House Edge: This is the percentage by which the house has the greater chance of winning.

High Bet: you bet on high numbers only – 19 to 36.

Inside Bet: bets on numbers in the game grid only.

Low Bet: bets on numbers 1 to 8.

Outside Bet: bets on outside boxes for even money. Red/black, high/low, or odd/even.

Payout: the amount you win at the end of the game.

Red Bet: a be on the Colour with a red number next to it.

Six number bet: bets on six numbers in one game.

Split bet: you bet on two numbers next to each other.

Straight bet: you bet on one number.

Street bet: bets on three numbers on one horizontal line on the table.

Surrender rule: another name for the En Prison rule.

Interesting Facts 

  1. Blaise Pascal invented the first roulette type game in 1657.
  2. The first roulette wheels in American contains numbers 1 to 28 and an American Eagle section. The Eagle slot was the house section but wasn’t popular because it gave the house too big an edge.
  3. The five number bet is the worst bet for players to make as it has a house edge of 7.89%.
  4. When all the roulette numbers are added together you get a total of 666.
  5. In 2004 a British businessman, Ashley Revell, sold everything and put his entire fortune on Red at a Las Vegas casino and won. He left with $270,600.